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Donuts and Glee

Aw, there is a kitty in my lap right now. Adorable, but making typing a little awkward.

So tonight on Travel Channel we were watching Donut Paradise, as any artery-clogging-food-addict does, and Josh said, "That's what you should do. Rent out one of the store fronts on Main St and open a cafe/donut shop." I respond, "But I know nothing about making donuts." (Side note: Yes, I am aware it is spelled "doughnut" but I am feeling lazy right now.) So he proceeds to take the can of dinner biscuits out of the fridge and uses a water bottle cap to poke holes in them. He throws them in some hot vegetable oil and when they're done rolls them in a cinnamon and sugar mix and omfg they were amazing. And so apparently donuts are really just that easy. And soooooo good. Especially all fresh and warm. And because they were from a biscuit mix they were all light and fluffy and not heavy like cake dougnuts. So...that happened, and now fresh donuts are added to my hypothetical future coffee shop.

So if you want a nice cinnamon sugar doughnut, but don't want to find a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts, grab some premade biscuits, cut the middles out and fry them just until they're brown. You will not regret it because they are amazing. I now want to experiment with making my own dough and mixing in like, mashed bananas for banana fritters. OMG, I think I have found my calling in life.

In other news, I've gotta come up with a 1 page advertisement for a product, real or imaginary, for Copy & Line Editing. We haven't gotten the specifics just yet but even with just the bare bones idea it's testing me. I took this class to improve my writing and my grammar...I'm not a Design major, I don't really do well with that kind of thing. But, maybe I can use this to design an ad for my awesome new coffe and doughnut shop! Oh yeah. I just made this fun. Awesome.

Meh. School is school. I keep trying to get ahead and do assignments way before they're due but it's tough because again my weekend is full. I work Saturday until 3 and then Light the Night is at 4:30. And after 7 hours on my feet and then another 4 either standing or walking around, I'm just not gonna be in the mood for homework. Plus then I open on Sunday at 8 again...inventory. And I'm there until 2, so I mean I guess I've got most of Sunday to work on stuff.

Meh, I gotta talk to le boss though. I asked for Wednesdays off because a friend and I are gonna do weekly GRE prep. I just picked a random day, but I put that request in and now this coming week I only have three shifts. I mean, I'm not currently complaining, but I hope it's not a permanent thing. I found out that one of the other girls is unavailable Wednesdays though, so I think when I'm in on Saturday I'll pop by le boss's office and explain the situation and tell her I can pick a different night if it's too much of a hassle. I gotta admit, I did totally like the idea of being able to watch Glee, but c'est la vie.

Omg Glee. It's my new favorite show. I have to watch it on my laptop, because I work Wednesdays, but it's kind of better because commercial breaks are only 30 seconds long. :) I. Love. It. And Kristin Chenoweth's going to be on next week. And Josh Groban was on last week. Hilarious and I looooove it. Yep. Just gushing about it. :) I just love the glee club/acapella versions of popular songs. Gold Digger was fun, Don't Stop Believing was awesome, Rehab was insane, but I think Take a Bow was my favorite so far. Anyway, everyone should watch Glee because it's amazing. And Matthew Morrison is dreamy. The end.


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Sep. 25th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
I tried to watch Glee but I couldn't finish more than five minutes! But so many people seem to be in love with that show.

Your doughnuts have my mouth watering... I'm definitely going to try that! So easy and delicious (and deep-fried!).
Sep. 25th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, a lot of people have said it's over the top and the characters are stereotypes, and it's true. I just adore it for some reason. But I was in high school chorus, so some of the characters are just exaggerations of people I remember.

Do try the doughnuts! You will not regret it.
Sep. 25th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
I just thought the acting was cringe-worthy! But my ex-step-sister loves the show and she was in choir, too, so maybe there is something to that!
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