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post-work drinks make me sleepy :(

So! I've been waiting until word got out to everyone to post this. I'm engaged! Woot!

(I love that my reaction is "woot")

It's super exciting and awesome, and all I want to do at any given moment is plan a wedding. Because I am le stereotype sometimes. Whatevz. Don't even care. I've been looking at dresses and venues so far. To be honest, those are kind of the only things I care about. Flowers? Meh. DJ? Whatever. The dress and the location. That's what's important to me.

But I feel like I keep going on and on about it to everyone so I'm trying to keep my excitement mostly to myself and try not to talk about it too much. Because I remember when Missy was planning and I just didn't really care too much about which photographer she chose or which shade of blue. So on the one hand, I totally understand what she was going through with the excitement, I also realize not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am.

So...in other news...I'm starting Christmas gifts already. I keep wandering over to etsy to find things for people. I've vowed to finish my mom's cookbook for her. Miranda likes quirky accessories. Um...don't know that I've worked out what to get anyone else. But I am totally having fun looking. :)

Winter is officially setting in and I am so bummed out about it. We barely got a fall. I've already worn my wool coat a few days. It's that weird in-between weather where it's kinda too cold for a sweatshirt but still too warm for a winter jacket. Lame. Soon the pretty, colorful leaves will fall off the trees and it will be a barren wasteland. :( I'm not a fan of winter.

But winter does mean my last Christmas vacation before I get a job and become a grown up. (For the record, this notion of "grown up" is entirely invented by children, I'm sure of it. I do not feel old enough to be engaged, much less married. I have friends who have children. I just do not feel old enough for these things.) And I am quite excited for an entire month off.

And now I'm off to browse more dresses and venues and photographers. I know it's 2 years away but I just want to plan it all noooooow! lol


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Oct. 27th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
best wishes <3333 I'm excited for you !
Oct. 27th, 2009 03:07 pm (UTC)
thankies! :) It's so exciting!
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