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Let it snow

So apparently we're going to get a pretty big snow storm this weekend. I'm pretty okay with this. We haven't had a good blizzard/storm in years. The downside? It's supposed to start around 2 today and last until late tomorrow afternoon. 24 hours of snow. And I'm supposed to work until 11 tonight. This worries me because it might not be so bad when I go in, but 9 hours of snow later, when I want to go home may be unpleasant. Especially in my itty bitty Jetta. So luckily Yoshua works until 10, and I may just have him (and his Jeep) take me home and leave my car at work overnight. I'm actually hoping they call and tell me not to come in. They're already closing schools early and the snow hasn't even started yet. At this very moment, there's not a flake in sight, but some districts have already sent kids home. So I'm paranoid.

So I'm really crossing my fingers that I won't have to go in.

In other news, the dark brown never faded from my hair, and my natural light brown grew in and now I've got this awful skunk stripe thing going on and it's horrible and I have to wear it in a ponytail to disguise it. So I'm hoping to make a run to Target or Ulta before the snow hits and I'm finally going to make the commitment to permanent haircolor and go back a little lighter to a light golden brown so it's at least closer to my natural color. I am very excited about this, but I'm always excited about haircolor. :) I debated going blonde, because it's the only color I haven't done in (mostly)adult life. Last time I was blonde was when I was 13. Then I went red and loooooooved it. Stayed red for years. Kinda wanna go back. I miss being a redhead.

Anyway, Superbowl party at dad's on Sunday. Kinda excited. I don't have any investment in the Colts or Saints, and I'm pretty upset over the Tebow/Focus on the Family ad, but I love football and commercials and I will probably be a bad feminist and watch anyway.

So snow, bring it on! I want a repeat of the blizzard of 92! (School cancelled for a week, something like 5 ft of snow. I was too young to really remember but I do remember it was awesome.